Installing a Telnet Server Script on a Wanadoo Livebox (Inventel DV4210) Wireless ADSL Modem Router

  • To get the Telnet Server to start automatically, you can use this script within /etc/init.d/. Then cd /etc/init.d using wget to copy this script over. You then need to create links from this script to /etc/rc0.d, /etc/rc1.d and /etc/rc2.d directories with the link called S35telnet_server or any number after 30 (you need the network running before the server starts.) Ensure that all the files are readable and executable by everyone.
  • This has only downloaded and installed the telnet server, it has not stopped the Livebox from automatically updating itself from Inventel's server when it gets an ADSL connection. The server that it tries to use is contained within the /etc/autoconf.conf and /etc/firm.conf files and really should be changed from to stop the automatic updating.

    You should be able to telnet into the Livebox without having to enter a password.

  • AndyP